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Possible congested node or noise leak?

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Possible congested node or noise leak?

So after a few posts on reddit, some people have been telling me my issue sounds like a congested node or possibly a noise leak somewhere.

Basically for the last 6-7 months I have been experiencing some issues with online gaming. During the peak hours (usually around 4-5pm everyday) when I play online multiplayer games, i experience really bad latency in my games as well as lag. Early mornings my games run pretty good and as it gets closer to peak hours it slowly starts to get worse and by the time it hits 5 the games are usually unplayable or atleast not enjoyable to play because of the latency

The weird thing is that my ping stays low and my speed tests come back fine (unless i run a speed test while my game is open, then usually the tests fails on dslreports) but my game has a really bad input delay feeling to it. Its almost like the game is going in slow motion and at the same time I get stutters and lag.

I play in a pc connected via ethernet. We recently upgraded to the 400mbps plan with an xb6-t router hoping it would get better. The first few days after the upgrade my games ran pretty good but it is back to how it used to be.

The funny thing is before these issues started happening around february, i used to play on a PS4 in my basement on wifi while the router was upstairs and literally never had any issues. I then got a pc and still played on wifi in my basement and never had issues until the beginning of this year. This was also while on a lower internet speed plan of 200mbps. So i know its not a speed issue because I started experiencing These issues with the same speeds as when I had no problems and also now that we upgraded

This is not a pc issue either. Everything is up to date, i have tried new parts and tested everything and nothing is wrong with it. This also happens on my ps4 so i know its not that.

Before the upgrade about a month ago, we had called in to comcast so many times, replaced modems, had techs come out. They changed our lines outside and that was about as far as they went. But i dont know if they every checked for a congested node or for a noise leak if this even sounds like it could be one.

Basically just trying to find a solution to this issue and what you guys think this could possibly be.

Thanks in advance

Re: Possible congested node or noise leak?

Please post your gateway signal stats as well as the Event log as outlined in Information Requested for Connection-Related Posts . 



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Re: Possible congested node or noise leak?

Here is a link to my power levels from the other day when I screenshot them and a little screen recording of the event log from the past 30 days.

I believe all of them or on that link, if not let me know.