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Port forwarding no longer working...

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Port forwarding no longer working...

I have hosted more than a few dedicated servers for more than a few titles on my secondary PC, but for whatever reason, this time around I am having issues.
My router is an ARRIS TG1682G
Normally I would setup port forwarding through my routers admin panel, but I am being forced to do it through xFi now... I am guessing the issue is because of this new system, but I thought I would check here to see if maybe I am missing something...
I've setup port forwarding through xFi by selecting my secondary machine (the dedicated server) and forwarding ports 7777-7778 and 27015-27017.
I've set custom inbound rules on Windows Firewall allowing connections from those ports, as well as setting custom rules for the game executable and steam.
I've made sure IPv6 is disabled on the dedicated machine.
I've set a reserved IP for the dedicated machine under my routers admin panel.
I've tried disabling my firewall and windows defender on the dedicated machine to no avail.
I've disabled xFi Advanced Security.
When I launch the server, I wait til I know it is done and running. After which I go to and test the port(s), it always returns a connection timeout error. Also, when I disable my firewall, it returns a connection refused error, which to me is odd.
Obviously I cannot direct connect to the server via IP, but the server is also not showing up under LAN.
I've been trying to figure this out for almost 48 hours now. I can provide additional info and screenshots if needed.
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Re: Port forwarding no longer working...

I have the exact same issue and I found that my IP addresses are different between xfi and the router configuration.  No idea how to resolve it.