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Parental Controls Don't Work with Extender

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Parental Controls Don't Work with Extender

We have a Netgear EX7300 extender (mode) to allow wifi access upstairs. This is for online learning at home because my husband is online working downstairs.  


However, we need to block websites, and device access (like our TV & XBox) during school hours. This is setup in our Xfinity Parental Controls. When connected to the downstairs wifi it all works fine, but from our "classroom" we can't get a wifi signal; thus the extender is needed.


Is there a setup that I am not aware of to the router so that the devices are seen as conntected to our network and therefore get the parental controls assigned to them?


Thanks for the guidance.


BTW, thought about setting it up as an access point to see if that would do the trick, but if I could run ethernet cable upstairs to the Netgear (which I can't), I would just connect it directly to the laptop anyway.