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Packet loss

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Packet loss

Hello, I was trying to play some online games and my ping keeps on spiking and I was able to solve that; however, I also thought about packet loss and upon using pingpacket software, I was hitting about 62% packet loss on the marietta georgia comcast server, is there anything that I can do to help this? In addition, I do not know what the other servers really are as I am still learning. Should I be concerned about them? Really if you have any solutions, that would be great as I would love to never have any drops or ping spikes again in online gaming. Thanks! 

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Re: Packet loss

If high RTT and/or packet loss at a particular hop doesn't extend to the destination, it's probably not significant. See The device at that location is most likely giving low priority to ping and trace packets and higher priority to actual data packets. If it was dropping data packets you would see high RTT and/or packet loss at all the hops beyond that one.