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Packet Loss

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Packet Loss

I’ve been experiencing packet loss since I re-signed up with Comcast last December. I had 4 service people out and all said it’s not related to connections around my condo. My upload, download and pings to the servers I’m playing on are all good. Since I went beyond my 30 days, I wasn’t able to leave Comcast despite calling and escalating multiple times. Now the packet loss has gotten worse. Online gaming is not playable. I believe it’s an upstream problem. There have been no reports of issues on these Microsoft Azure servers so they’re directly related to my ISP. I believe there’s a congestion point however not able to get someone to run those tests for me. If Comcast won’t provide a solution or troubleshoot further, how can I be held accountable for this contract? Please escalate and allow me to switch ISPs. I paid twice as much for this service to play multiplayer games and cannot play anything competitive until I switch ISPs.
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Re: Packet Loss

I would start with some trace routes to see where the lag is coming into play.  Typically the first 5-10 hops are going to be CC before it hands off to a transit provider and then to the end systems.