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Ongoing T3 T4 Timeout issues

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Ongoing T3 T4 Timeout issues

Hello all. First time poster here. Seems like a  helpful community which is very much appreciated at the moment. 


I'm having ongoing issues with T3 and T4 timeouts and the corresponding dropped internet connection according to the modem log. This happens multiple times a day in an upredictable manner and has been ongoing for the past several months. Restarting the modem (Netgear CM600) will resolve the issue temporarily, although if left alone it will resolve itself eventually (restarting the modem is usually faster).  There seems to be no corellation between the time since the modem restart and the errors. 


I've removed all spiltters and cabled directly from the modem to the grounded cable entry point in the exterior box.  There is literally a newish 25' RG-6 cable running out the window. Still the same issue, and roughly the same frequency according to the log. 


A call has been placed to Comcast, modem reset, etc. and we're in the "let's see what happens in the next 2 days" part of the script. Frustrating to say the least if the issue is going to be found outside the house. 


From what I've read in the troubleshooting guide, downstream power and SNR are in the range. Upstream power hovers right around 35-40dBmV when I've looked. Not sure what is happening in the moments leading up to the T3 and T4 events. Would posting the log/cable connection values be helpful?


Any insight that would be helpful to move this along faster? 




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Re: Ongoing T3 T4 Timeout issues

Did you ever figure this out? Im having the same issue w a DOCSIS 3.0 surfboard. At this point im getting 4 to 5 T4 timeouts a day.
Tech came out and said lines are overloaded cause of Covid and that i should try getting a 3.1 modem.
Ive begrudgingly ordered one, but feel like xfinity is sort of passing the buck on not having the proper infrastructure to handle increased usage.
He mentioned a component on the poles needs to be replaced all throughout the city.
Ill follow up here once i get the 3.1 modem going.
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Re: Ongoing T3 T4 Timeout issues

Any update?

I am facing the same issue