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Not getting even close to gigabit

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Not getting even close to gigabit

I am not happy with this service at all. Can't seem to get ahold of a real support person so I'm posting here. I'm a software engineer whose work is dependent on a reliable internet connection as I need to be connected to remote servers for my job. Why am I paying $84.99 a month for a service that's blocking me from doing my work?

I've tried power cycling the cable modem, an Arris SB8200 modem that supports 2000mbps, tried hard resetting it as well.

I'm still only getting about half the speed I'm paying for. I should be getting something around 900-1000mbps but only getting ~200-500 on a direct connection to my modem (ie connected with ethernet).

When I set up this network a week ago, I was getting close to the full speed. So what is going on? I've tried suggested troubleshooting steps but to no avail.