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Non-Standard Setup - internet to trunk to vm fw

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Non-Standard Setup - internet to trunk to vm fw

I'm having a tough time getting my vm fw to reliably get an IP address from Comcast on reboot.  If I can get the Internet side IP address then everything works great.  I'm pretty sure Comcast won't support my setup though:


cable modem -> switch 'a' VLAN 2 port -> switch 'a' trunkport -> switch 'b' trunk port -> switch 'b' VLAN 2 port -> fw (VM on a server)


I can plug the fw in directly to the modem and everything works fine.  The reason I have this setup is so I can put the fw in my garage server rack with some other gear and keep the noise out of my house.  The VM server has 38 fans that run at hypersonic speeds (almost).  I could also run a coax cable out to my garage but it would be great if I didn't have to.


I'm not sure the exact magical steps but I think it's if I connect the fw directly, get an IP, then quickly move it to the garage while humming specific Benedictine Monk chants then let it boot up and it might work. 


Any ideas?  Spoof the mac address of both my backup asus router and fw to the same?