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No internet

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No internet

At times a have no internet. I looked into the modem's erroe log and I am seeing T3 and T4 errors.


I called into Xfinity's support and explained the problem. The only way to resolve it on my end is to reboot the modem. The custome support person was hard core on me rebooting my router. I explained that my wife is working from home and the router was not the problem. Hi would not help me until i did. I told him NO. If anything I said the problem is ether my modem or your network.


He kept asking if I was hard wired or a wireless connection to my computer. I am I sufing the the internet od gaming. The questions were just crazy!!!!!!!! He did not get it!


I hung up and dailed back in. Than I got someone that knew waht there were talikng about! But the problem was not resolved!