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New Xfinity Hime Modem and xpods

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New Xfinity Hime Modem and xpods

I upgraded my service to 300 MBPS and got the new modem and three xpods and my service has been worse since.

Every day or every other day there is issues with the internet coming into the system. I am not getting close to the 300 mbps that I am paying for and barely more then what I was previously paying for.

My house is not big less then 1600 SF do I should t even need the xpods but got them to hopefully extend the WiFi out in back yard but it hardly goes 50 ft.

I called up and got through to speak with someone once and while on phone he was able to get the speed up but since that call it has gotten worse and not what I expected.

Extremely frustrated and it is so hard to get in touch with customer service to try and resolve my issues.