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New XB7 but lost the use of Philips Hue Bridge

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New XB7 but lost the use of Philips Hue Bridge

After connecting the ethernet cable between my new XB7 and the second generation Hue Bridge, I lost the ability for the Hue app to connect to the internet. I called Hue and they told me that the problem was with the mesh system of wifi 2.4 and 5 and that I should get an xfinity techie to force the gateway to only send a 2.4 signal temporarily until the Hue Bridge could locate the signal. Well, we tried that an it didn't work. Fortunately, I have a secondary Asus router attached to the XB7 and if I connect the Hue directly to it, the connection to the Hue app is reestablished. It would seem to me that there is an inherent imcomatibility with the XB7 and the latest Hue Bridge. I'm wondering if I will be stuck to the system as it is currently setup, or will there be a fix for the XB7. As it is now, I have to be sure that my control devices, ipad, phone, etc. must be connected to the Asus wifi signal for the Hue to control the lights properly. My original intention was to only use the XB7 for all purposes, very disappointed. Please give me an update as to what, if anything will be done about this incompatibility.  Thanks


Re: New XB7 but lost the use of Philips Hue Bridge

Put the XB7 into bridge mode so that it acts only as a plain vanilla cable modem and use the Asus for your networking needs, or buy your own cable modem and save the rental fee;

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