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New 1 GIG Issues

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New 1 GIG Issues

Recently, within the last few weeks, we upgraded our internet to the Gigibit Xfinity system.  Comcast sent us a new modem that is supposed to handle it.  Since then we have had NOTHING but trouble!

  1. It very frequently goes down.  We have had service out and worked with them over the internet (using my cell as a hot spot)
  2. The download speeds are adequate, but no where near a gig.  I really did not expect a gig, but at times it is much slower than it should be.  Right now it running 46.2 Mbps...a far cry from advertised sppeds.
  3. The upload speed is almost non-existant.  Currently 0.03 Mbps and it is consistantly below 5 Mbps.
  4. The Xfinity system we upgraded from was many times faster than this new system.  I am not sure I understand why we need to pay more for an inferior product!

Anyone else seeing this and have a solution?  We don't want to, but we are talking about shopping around for something more reliable!


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Re: New 1 GIG Issues

Without more specific details, it sounds like either a signal issue or a provisioning issue.  If the coax cable is old and has splitters and other issues, that could very well be the issue.  Either way, I would ask for a tech to come out ASAP.


What I don't understand is how you turned up gigabit service.  Was it ever working?  When I got mine turned up in January, they required a tech to come out and even though my drop from the street was fine, he said it was mandatory to replace.  And then he checked the signal to the modem and provisioned it and made sure it was getting the provisioned speed.