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Netgear CM1000v2 has Wrong Firmware Version

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Netgear CM1000v2 has Wrong Firmware Version


I've been having lots of internet connection issues lately.

I chatted with comcast support last week and they said everything looked fine on their end.. that I should contact Netgear support.  Netgear said.. comcast pushed the wrong firmware update to my Modem and I should ask for my modem to be reprovisioned.  Just got off the phone again with comcast support.  They said my internet connection was fine (which it isn't) and that they don't install firmware updates.   If anyone has tips on how to break the log jam and get the right version of firmware on my modem I'm all ears.  Thanks!


My modem is a CM1000v2

According to netgear:  I should be on V6.01.06.  I have V7.01.01

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Re: Netgear CM1000v2 has Wrong Firmware Version

Your situation sounds like it could be similar to mine. I have a Netgear CM1200 and Comcast pushed a firmware update earlier this month. But once I got caught in the same Comcast says I have a Netgear issue and Netgear says I have a Comcast issue purgatory, Netgear told me the current firmware version for my modem should still be the one previous to the one Comcast pushed out this month. Will be very curious to hear what response you get to your issue.