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Netflix stops responding at 25%

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Netflix stops responding at 25%

We have been able to watch Netflix with no issues until 7/12/2020 at which time Netflix stops loading at 25% then error meassage that title is unavailable.  I am using a Roku Premiere +  on two TV's with XFI 1000Mbps line over wireless.  Netflix will not work on any device that is attached to either 2.4 or 5g, but if I turn off wireless on my phone it works fine.  Netflix says, under the network settings that it can reach all servers bu the network connection is "0".  All other apps will work across the wifi, (Prime, Redbox, Youtube, etc.)  Netflix is the only one that will not work.


Tried contacting Netflix and they ask me to go to to test speed and it says "0" as well, so they say they wont help until the minimum speed is reached for Netflix to work.  Xfinity ran test and reset my modem from there end and no issues or outages were found.


Is there a setting that can be changed in the XFI router to allow netflix through or should I just get a new router, router is only 6 months old.


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