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NAS system not connecting

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NAS system not connecting


I just bought a NAS synology and I wanted to have a in network photo back up system. Anyway... I plug everything in and connect it to my router but it won't connect to my internet. By that I mean, the NAS system is picked up by the synology app but whenever I try to configure it, I just gives me "ERROR Server Busy". Then I try to go on my xfinity xfi app but I have no luck there, my router thinks my NAS system is offline, even though its plugged in. Having the xfinity app not realize it's plugged in, I can't do a port forwarding either to see if that works. And this is my second NAS system replacement so it cannot be the NAS's problem and I even went out and bought new Cat 6 Ethernet cables. Is there any way that I use my NAS without throughing out the whole system? 

Thanks again!