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My issues with Xfinity. Worst service ever.

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My issues with Xfinity. Worst service ever.



I would first like to say I have been dealing with issues with xfinity for about a month now and everytime I am shoveled along to another agent and have  to recite my whole ordeal over again. 

Lets start when I first upgraded to Gigabit speeds they upgraded  the wrong  property. After  confirming multiple times  on the  numberpad  when you first call Xfinity and also verbally with the agent. I call again to have everything reverted  and Gigabit plan put  on the  correct property. The  agent  I spoke to  upgraded the proper house but never  reverted their mistakes. She promised a  call  me back  to  insure the  issues would be resolved and waited 4 days still no call.  So the agent  is  just  taking  the "upgrade sale" to bolster their numbers and not fixing the mistake.


P.S your chat system to schedule a call does not work. Scheduled calls multiple  times still have not  received a call except for your feedback calls. Agents are also trained to tell  you they will have someone call you back and you will waste your time waiting on anyone from Xfinity. This pattern has occured multiple times. This is why I have resorted to posting my concerns on fourms.


Main Issue I need resolved is Consistaint internet.

I called and waited again, I was informed I need fiber optic cabling inorder to get the full speed of my Gigbabit plan and posibbly solve the issue of the wifi disconnecting and reconnecting for  a few seconds. First of all why was I not  informed of this when upgrading. Shouldnt it be disclosed to the custumer of the requirements before upgrading. Anyways, I work from home and I can only finish a majoirty of my work when  there are glipses of a clear connection. This hinders my work since  I work with a team on a conference call and different programs which require me to recoonect everytime the internet disconnects/reconnects.





Re: My issues with Xfinity. Worst service ever.

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