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Multiple disconnects daily / T3 Timeouts

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Multiple disconnects daily / T3 Timeouts

Hi, I have started to get issues regarding random disconnects for at least a month now. I have the 100mbps service for 1 year with no issues and on month 13~ it started. Believe my plan comes with some channels but I do not have a TV cable box, just use internet. I just purchased a new modem even though mine was only 1 year old but issue still remains.

Modem: Arris SB8200

I purchased this modem last week and witnessed the issue happening to both my Desktop and Laptop when I would have it plugged into the modem directly via Ethernet, and have also purchased replacement cat5e cables as well.

I have been monitoring the Modems downstream/upstream levels and the only thing I have noticed myself is possibly a bit weaker Upload power level ranging from 39-46 (usually sitting around 41) and higher Download level of 6.6-9.5 (believe I have seen it go to 10.2).

However, the errors are what are of my concern, which I will include below, and have seen, per my research, a lot of other people running into the same issues. Mainly wanted to reach out to see if there is anything else I can do prior to having a tech come out.
   ** I have seen that an active return cable amplifier helps solve this very similar issue but the videos/posts I have seen is usually where the Upload power is high and my scenario seems to be the opposite.

What have I done so far:

1. Followed the common support doc provided (
2. Purchased the new modem.
3. Tested with 3 Cat5e cables (plugging in directly into modem)
4. Confirmed same issues + error message happens while on either my Desktop or Laptop directly connected to modem.
5. Confirmed 1 line comes into my apartment but it does 'split', as the cable was short and they have connected it to another coax line to extend it, I have disconnected it, cleaned it, and insured proper connectivity. (line comes in from my upstairs neighbor in the closet)
6. Sb8200 known to run hot, so I make sure the modem is somewhat near the Air Conditioning to eliminate that and is very cool to the touch
7. Ran the Diagnostic test on the xfinity site.

Modem Error Log + Power Levels:

 ** I also run a recurring ping to google on my 2nd monitor to somewhat monitor the network and see how frequent it is and prior to creating this ticket just an hour ago i got fully disconnected on my desktop for a good 2 minutes, I manually rebooted the modem, directly connected my laptop, which I am on now, and started a new ping which was going a bit haywire as well. Picture of this is also in the above imgur photo.


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Re: Multiple disconnects daily / T3 Timeouts

Update #2:

Wanted to take another picture of the Modem power levels, these are 4 hours after the 1st set:

Can see Upload at 39 and some +10's for the Download. No new errors since.

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Re: Multiple disconnects daily / T3 Timeouts

Update #3:

Just had a big disconnect that happened 20~ minutes ago. This time I waited 5- minutes and eventually auto-reconnected and the lights on the Arris Sb8200 did not blink/flash (nor have I ever seen them change from their typical solid colors)

-Power = Solid Green
-Download = Solid Blue
-Upload = Solid Green
-Online = Solid Green

Here are new pictures of the Modem's Error log which displays this error from 20 minutes ago as well as the Power Levels again. Noting that the Modem was cool to the touch.

5:45 PM EST Error log + Power Levels + CMD ping loss% (7 hrs from original set of photos & 3 hours from my 2nd update):

- I also included my CMD prompt again running a recurring ping to Google, it wasn't running for that long as I had just rebooted my Desktop, around 30-40 minutes, it had 1898 packet Sent, 163 Lost = 8% Loss
- Power levels seem the same from my 2nd update 3 hours ago, but not sure what the Corrections for Downstream Channel 29 is all about. (possibly due to the 10.3 Downstream power I assume?)

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Re: Multiple disconnects daily / T3 Timeouts

Update #4:

   Continued to disconnect last night & this morning, I scheduled a callback via my Online account last night but had no follow-through so I went into Chat this morning. I provided this forum topic for their reference but they ignored it and resumed with their standard procedure of troubleshooting. I reiterated my forum post and linked it which documented my steps I had completed and they then scheduled a Tech come onsite for Thursday morning.  Just wanted to note that the rep confirmed they would be unable to attach my posting with the ticket/case # unfortunately. I will update this after my tech visit in 32~ hours from now.

   *Would like to leave this still open for documentation reasons + in the hopes of having any other eyeballs view my particular issue and provide any further assistance/ideas.

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Re: Multiple disconnects daily / T3 Timeouts

Update #5:

   Issue still prevelant, was quite good last night, but this morning in particular, 8/12, was very erratic. Woke up to it down then it kept acting up the following few hours. Mainly wanted to post another set of Errors + Power stats.

 Power levels again being very consistent from the last few days. Higher end Downstream Power levels of +7-10 and lower end levels for Upstream at 40.

*** Edit: At 3:00 PM I received a call from xfinity support stating that they had escalated this issue not sure whether it resulted from my original Live Chat from yesterday (which resulted in my scheduled Onsite for tomorrow) or this posting, but nonetheless I was very satisfied for their follow up. Support technician just had a few questions on status of internet today and how long has it been stable for and I stated it was pretty bad in the morning but has been good for the past hour. He said he will call me back in 3 hours to follow up again.

****Edit #2: I did receive the phone call at 6 PM EST for the 3 hour follow up on time and asked if I experienced any disconnects to which I answered no in the past 4 hours. He asked if he can close the ticket then and I had him specify if this would also cancel my Onsite for tomorrow morning and he confirmed yes. So kind of beleive this call is sort of a pre-screening to the tech visit. Unfortuantely it was a bit hard to understand him over the phone and even with his scheduled follow up, I am very busy today and tomorrow due to a funeral and I did not want to summarize the details and steps taken so far at that moment and will be sure to do so with the Tech tomorrow, and if no solution I will be a bit more vigilant if issues persist; so I admittedly let that 'opportunity' slide?