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Motorola MG7315 not getting IPV4 address

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Motorola MG7315 not getting IPV4 address

Starting a couple of months ago the MG7315 modem intermittently does not get an IPV4 WAN address. It does receive a V6 address, and modem status shows it as online.
The first time it happened I contacted support, level 1 was useless, they told me my modem was no longer supported. A second person told me that IPV4 was obsolete and not needed. I finally got connected to level 2 and she confirmed that neither was true.
She had me disconnect all cables, including the coax cable, and repower the modem. After several attempts it finally got a V4 IP.
Since then this has occurred about once every week or so. Disconnecting everything EVENTUALLY works, but it is a pain, and when this occurs my phone is out as well. Releasing and renewing the WAN lease does not help either.
First question is why is it losing its V4 IP?
Second question is there an easier way to get it to work?

Re: Motorola MG7315 not getting IPV4 address

Well, your gateway IS getting a little long in the tooth but that doesn’t explain why you’re losing ipv4 connectivity, and yes it’s still supported.
Have you tried a factory reset of your gateway to refresh it completely? Other than hardware failure I can’t think of any other reason why it’s behaving like that.

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