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Modems- Buying your own

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Modems- Buying your own

 I purchased a new Motorola modem MT7711. It says it's certified with Xfinity services. Do I have to notify Comcast of this purchase? I know I have to return my rental, so they will probably ask why, so they will know. If it saves me 14.00 a month, it's better than nothing, especially with the cable prices. Does anyone have this modem? and if so, does it live up to Comcast's rental? I have it up and running, I just hope when Monday comes it's ok with virtual learning. I think it's DOCSIS3.0. Any information anyone has, would greatly appreciate it.




Re: Modems- Buying your own

Every time I bought a new modem or router, I've had to call tech support to provision the modem. You can also do this via Chat. They'll ask for the modem's MAC ID and they'll enter it in their system. Then they'll do a reboot and your modem will go online.