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Moca Problems

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Moca Problems

Hey, so I just gotmy moca adapters from Actiontec, and my connection doesn't work for some reason.


 Here is my set up upstairs: Coax Out of the Wall -> MoCa -> Out of Moca through "TV/STB Out" into my modem(with a filter) -> Ethernet Cable out of my modem into WAN Router Connection -> Out of my router through ethernet back into MoCa.


Downstairs: Coax Out of the Wall -> MoCa -> Ethernet Cable in the computer.


Downstairs, the Coax "light" is not green, can it mean that my Coax connection is just not coming in the room?


Thank you in advance!

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Re: Moca Problems

Looking at, it isn't clear whether the cable modem is before or after the MoCA adapter.  It just says 'connect your cable TV wiring to the coax IN connection'.  It does say that some cable services are MoCA ready, but to check with your provider.  I would think the modem would be BEFORE the MoCA adapter.  Have you tried that?  Also, you might need a signal generator to test whether your in-home coaxial wiring is intact.

You could always get a short coaxial cable (to simulate your in-house wiring) and test your connections in the same room.

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Re: Moca Problems

@jav6joev  is correct. Your upstairs config is setup wrong. And the Point of entry filter should be on the input of the first coax cable splitter in the line.

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