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MoCA and Xfinity Parameters - Supported Equipment? Future-Proofing?

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MoCA and Xfinity Parameters - Supported Equipment? Future-Proofing?

Hello, Fourms. After a few weeks of searches, attempted customer service chats and calls, and escalation to technical support (wow, the wait times are long for that one), I am stilll not able to answer some basic questions about PoE, MoCA, my location, and supported equpment to allow an Ethernet over Coaxial cable connection within my townhouse.


Unfortunately, as there is nothing currently wrong with my service, apparently noone can set me up with a technical service visit - and if there was something wrong they would send someone who is qualified to deal with it (but hit or miss if the person they send is familiar with MoCA).


I currently lease a TG1682G (upstairs) feeding telephones, a PX013ANM DVR (downstairs and downstream) and an SX022ANM set-top box (upstairs and downstream), all through coaxial cable.

I spend the extra money to lease from Comcast so that when they change things on their network they will upgrade the related equipment that works best for providing their services.


My questions, in case some nice person has experience in this and can assist me:
1. Does my current location have a PoE filter already installed? ( No record of yes or no on this - no record of what filters, what kind of splitters, etc. on my record at all.  Still searching the coax for evidence of this along the  cabling in the attic wher the cable drop into my unit is located. No evidence of a filter on the connection outside the units into each of the 4 townhouses).

2. If I add a PoE coming into my Gateway/Modem, do I need to boost its power?
3. Can I enable MoCA on my TG1682G  and then  add one MoCA rated splitter just before the xfinity DVR and use an adaptor there to create a downstream ethernet port for gaming without messing with Comcast? (I understand that I then need to call and have my setup "whitelisted", but I don't know whom to call. No one's scripts seem to have anything about MoCA).
3. Does Comcast have a list of compatible MoCA adaptors? (Two Comcast tech folks have said no. That bothers me.)
4. Do I need to have a Comcast tech come out and set this up, or can I do it myself without breaking any agreements with Comcast? (Given the opacity and tremendous effort to get this far with Comcast, I am assuming that I need to do this myself and then have them troubleshoot if it messes up my service).

5. With DocSys3.1 and WiFi 6 moving in, is there equipment I should avoid if I want trouble-free compatability with XFinity?


Thank for folk's time. Hopefully someone can get me beyond the XFinity FAQ on MoCA and into some specifics.


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Re: MoCA and Xfinity Parameters - Supported Equipment? Future-Proofing?

1. It might be at the tap if you don’t see it at the ground block. There is no records kept of what splitters etc that are in anybody’s residence. It’s your private connections.
2. No
3a. Yes
3b. No there isn’t. Comcast doesn’t support third party moca adaptors/connections. And you won’t get troubleshooting assistance or a tech out to troubleshoot
4.You are on your own for setting up your own moca network. You’ll get a tech out if you mess something up with your modem or X1 boxes but not to fix/troubleshoot your moca network
5. You could upgrade your gateway to an XB6

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Re: MoCA and Xfinity Parameters - Supported Equipment? Future-Proofing?

Thank you - clear, succinct, and helpful.