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Little or no internet to Xfinity Pods

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Little or no internet to Xfinity Pods

I installed 3 pods to my xfi network this morning and all seemed to go well,. each is listed as connected and has a couple of devices online with it, but I can get little or no internet service through the pods.  The Internet is fine for devices connected to the gateway (Xfinity's newest one} but limited at best through any of the pods.  Strangely, there is one pc connected through a pod. It can access Gmail, but no other site?  What the heck is going on?

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Re: Little or no internet to Xfinity Pods

We have had this issue for two days with two of our pods. 7/18 and 7/19 consistent and now tv box is going out and little service. We have called service twice, now a technician comes out. Restarted multiple times. 


We went and bought a separate booster the Nighthawk AX6 because the pods don’t work at all. We had a technician come out a few months ago that actually told us the xFinity iPods are useless and a waste of money. Wish I would’ve known. 

It sounds like it isn’t just us having issue this weekend. 

So happy to pay for premium service to get no service (sarcasm)

Would love some guidance if anyone has any