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Linksys WRT1900AC network and Comcast xB6 network


Linksys WRT1900AC network and Comcast xB6 network

Two computers were linked to the Linksys network for printer access.  The network recently disappeared and the Comcast networks are the only working networks.  One Comcast network had the same name as the Linksys network so there was a major conflict.  The printer is not on the

Comcast network.


In order to bring back the Linksys network, the router must be reset (we no longer have the passwords).  If I set up the new Linksys network  with a completely different network name compared to the Comcast network along with the printer  connection, will this no longer be in conflict the Comcast networks?


The Linksys router and the Comocast xB6 are located side by side. 


Will this work?