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Internet works fine for 2 hours then needs reset

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Internet works fine for 2 hours then needs reset

I’ve had this problem for the past 2 years but hasn’t really annoyed me as much as it does now since I’m using the internet more.

Everything works perfectly fine for a good 2 hrs before it starts to run slow to the point where it cuts out completely. I have to power cycle modem and I’m back online... for another 2 hrs.

This has happened with the Comcast modem, my Comcast approved modem, and a friends modem. I’m 100% sure it’s not that. I’ve called Comcast at least 35 times and they can’t seem to do anything and keep giving me the same run around. They reset my connection (temp. 2hr fix) and say they moved some other things on their end and I should be good to go. I explain to them each time that I’ve been through the process numerous times but they seem to think they always fix it. These past 2 weeks they told me they will transfer me to schedule a technician but each time I’ve waited 2+hrs on the phone for one when it was only a “1hr” max wait time. Last time I called I was already pretty mad and they told me a tech will call within 24hrs so we can schedule - nothing.

This happens on WiFi and wired Ethernet connection
Speedtest when running shows advertised speeds
Happens at anytime of day
Modem power levels are within acceptable spec in the modem settings page

Has anyone dealt with a similar issue and had it resolved? Comcast support is terrible

Edit: this happens when I’m actively using the internet only. If I’m not using it for multiple days/weeks my connection will stay online. It’s not until I’m streaming/gaming that it will decide to drop connection. Cust service even upped my speeds to 100mbps as a courtesy and same result. It is only 2 people using the internet.