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Internet lost every 5 minutes!!

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Internet lost every 5 minutes!!

I have spoken to Xfinity/Comcast 7 times. Asked for a new xb7 modem, they sent a 6. Was told a tech was coming. No one showed up. Told again a tech was coming - no one came! Was told a third time a tech was coming. Guy came, changed the lines outside, changed connectors inside. Wi-Fi still disconnects every five minutes. It's lost for just 15 seconds, but it's long enough that nothing downloads, nothing uploads, we can't stream, browse, nothing. I'm at my patience's end and about to go to AT&T. I pay $135/mo just for Internet with speeds of up to 1, speed tests show 23!!! Everything was fine until an area outage a month ago, and I've been having this issue ever since. This is outrageous! What can I do, other than kiss this crummy company goodbye?

Re: Internet lost every 5 minutes!!

For a test, do devices that are hardwired directly to the router / gateway device with an ethernet cable have the same problem ?

With this test, we are trying to isolate this from being either a WiFi-only problem or a problem with the general connection to the Comcast system which would of course affect both, see ? It's a good first step of troubleshooting before we proceed any further.

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