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Internet inconsistency

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Internet inconsistency

Itnernet goes from 100-110 to 20-30 then to 1 but then will shoot back up. I have checked all my equipment and nothing is an issue. Have had multiple friends come by to check but suggested it may be a comcast issue since we have tested and looked at my modem and router. I'm hardlined into my PC.  HOW CAN I FIX THIS. 


I have chatted with comcast twice. Always just give me the standard steps of restarting my modem or router. This isn't helpful at all.. Its just a workaround for an underlying problem because once the reset is done, internet is "connected" again but it doesn't actually fix the inconsistency. 


Here is a screenshot of how helpful my agent was when I try to let him know my internet is going from speeds of 100 to 1.5 in the matter of seconds. All he kept saying is that lots of factors can affect speeds.

Customer service img.png