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Internet Upload lag issues

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Internet Upload lag issues



Back story - we had a power surge Sunday in the afternoon and then Sunday night. Since then our internet has been spotty and lags or bogs down, even in non-peak hours. 


I've been on the phone with reps all morning long who continuously tell me to restart my modem and wireless router or to unplug them while they send the signal. Every new person I speak with tells me the same thing regardless of if I tell them i already did it multiple times. Finally, I got fed up with one rep who kept yawning on the phone and telling me if a technician came out and the fault was my router that I would be charged a service fee and wouldn't let me speak to her manager and I hung up. Her manager called me and things seemeed to be going well and it appeared he actually cared about my problem and wanted to fix it, but he made me do the same exact thing of unplugging my router and resend signals to the modem. After 25 minutes on the phone call and not having any fixes I was telling him about how the issue is also affecting my neighbor and my friend down the street and it wasn't an isolated issue or hardware issue at my house, he hangs up and now I can't reach him back. I can't get anyone on the phone who actually understands the issue and no one is helpful.  I requested they send a tech to go look at the power pole as this issue occurred last year when the same thing happened but they said they can't do that and someone needs to come to my house first.  They want to schedule a time for when I can't be home and then persist on saying I have to be home for the meeting. I'm at a stand still and don't know what to do, Comcast customer service has been subpar and not helpful. 


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Re: Internet Upload lag issues

That’s the process, you need a residential tech out, who then refers it to the maintenance team if they deem it necessary. Instead of the speed test, post your modem’s signal levels

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