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Internet Drops Every Five Minutes?

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Internet Drops Every Five Minutes?

I have a CGM4331COM modem which is an XB7. My internet connection is dropping every five minutes for about 5 seconds.


I have a new line from the box to the house. I have no other coax connectivity in my house. I have had three techs out to my house over the past several months and I know that everything from the curb to the modem is good.


I have tried two different gateways, two different computers, and wired and wireless and all produce the same results.


EVERY five minutes I have 100% packet loss for about 5 seconds and then it is back to normal. 


This is okay for ordinary activities (web browser) but for WiFi calling, VOIP, and live streaming it stinks?


Has anyone had this issue or a problem with this modem?