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Internet Data Usage Cap

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Internet Data Usage Cap

I just found out we have a 1.2TB data cap and we've gone over for the last 3 months.

I have 3 kids at home due to COVID and I work from home. 

How can Xfinity cap data during COVID??? 

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Re: Internet Data Usage Cap

Check your bills if you were actually charged or not, fees had been waived

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Re: Internet Data Usage Cap

Data cap limit warning .. but no mention of data cap in my contract .. should I switch ISP?
If I get 1 more warning on my data cap or if I get charged for data cap, I will be going to another ISP as I don't want to pay $25/month to remove the cap.   I would rather pay 1-time contract cancelation fees than a monthly 25/month or the $10/50gb upcharge.


PS - There is no mention of a data cap in my internet service contract.  


I would like this message to be passed to the right people within Xfinity. No feedback is needed to me.  

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Re: Internet Data Usage Cap

That actually ended June 30th. Add the increase to the 1.2 is easily approachable! I have only one at home and we almost hit that mark every month! Then they add extra charges on your account.


Re: Internet Data Usage Cap

Especially as they don't let you see your device data usage and can just tell you any number they want with absolutely no explanation or proof.  My roommate is now working from home but he does system administration of Linux boxes and it's all console based work (command line), he doesn't use GUI  AT ALL yet our usage has gone up almost double.  When is the last time you saw a SSH session (with no local file transfer) use 15 gb a day?