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Internet Consistently Dropping

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Internet Consistently Dropping

For about two weeks now, my xfinity internet has been cutting out about every hour to every hour and a half. It's usually out anywhere between 5-45 minutes. During that time, my modem remains on, with the white light insisting everything is okay. There are no outages in my area, and xfinity reports everything is fine on their end. Also, none of the devices I use to connect to the internet can even register my wireless network. It doesn't show up at all. 


After 5-45 minutes, it magically reappears, and everything connects to it after a minute or two. Then, all is well - for the next hour or so.


I thought perhaps it was due to the excessive people on over Christmas - but it's now post holiday and still doing it. I did a search and discovered this problem is common and has been happening to people for years. What I haven't found is a fix for it. Can anyone help me please?


P.S. Restarting the modem didn't work. Not rebooting it through the app, not rebooting it through the computer, not unplugging it and plugging it back in. So the 'turn it off and back on again' has been tried.


Thank you!

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Re: Internet Consistently Dropping

I have the same problem too.