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Internet Connection and Speed Upgrade

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Internet Connection and Speed Upgrade

Today, I went to the Xfinity Store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama to upgrade my Internet service to the best offered by Xfinity/Comcast.

My expectations were communicated to the Xfinity Customer Service Agent. My expectations are very simple; I need a faster internet speed with consistent connectivity. I have been having recurring issues with consistent connectivity with my Xfinity Internet and WiFi. I work virtually from my home office and I am required to have a consistent internet connection and the fastest internet download speed available.

According to the Xfinity Customer Service Agent, I was given an upgrade to the top Xfinity Internet Service plan available. She called the service plan “Xtreme” with 1 Gigabyte of data. This upgrade increased my monthly billing costs for my Internet Service but I am willing to pay for the best Internet Services with increased internet speed and consistent connectivity.

When I got home from purchasing the upgrade at the Xfinity Store, ironically, my Xfinity Internet Service was worse than ever. The connection has been inconsistent and the speed very slow for the past year or so. I have been through many disruptions of services over this time so I decided to get the very best.

I attempted to fix the internet connection issue by restarting the gateway and I did the old , “unplugged the modem for 12 seconds and then plugged it back in, restart.” However, this was unsuccessful and my Internet Service still remains inconsistent with connection and very slow.

I work from my home and I’m required to have a consistent internet connection and high internet download speed. If these expectations cannot be met by Xfinity, I will be forced to change Internet Services from Xfinity to one of their competitors who can meet the expectations of consistent internet connection and increased internet speed.

Thank you in advance for your prompt response with support and assistance.

Scott Martin