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Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

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Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

For months I have had issues with my internet dropping randomly while playing games on my computer. Some days I may not have issues, while other days I may have multiple drops that can last from a second to 30 minutes or so. Our modem has been reset multiple times through the phone and by unplugging it from the wall for 10 seconds but they seem to have no effect. 

Edit: I play on a lan line hooked up computer and experience the outages on both this computer and the wifi each time


Re: Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

I may beable to shed some light on whats going on, but i'm going to need more information.


What modem do you have,  are these all hardwired connections that are dropping or wireless devices too?


you using your own wireless router or is it a gateway provided by xfinity?


Re: Internet Connection Dropping Frequently

Start here;

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