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Intermittent internet outage

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Intermittent internet outage

I've been experiencing intermittent internet issues for the past couple of months. It's unpredictable and occurs randomly throughout the day and I can't catch it every time it's out. I've had multiple technicians come "help" us out. Every technician, other than the two that came to help set up our internet initially, all said that our lines have been changed, port has been changed in the alley, etc, and long story short have said that nothing is wrong. The technician during our most recent visit also gave us the same story. After he left, the internet went out and I managed to catch him right before he drove off.  He sent me this picture to forward to our local Comcast supervisor and was supposed to address this issue. The issue has not been addressed yet. No one explained to me what this means. What does this picture mean? What kind of technician (field tech, senior tech, maintence tech?) to address whatever this picture means?




Re: Intermittent internet outage

Can't see your pic. Since you are a new poster, it needs to be approved by a Forum Admin. That could take some time. In the interim you could try hosting it at one of those free third-party pic hosting sites like Imgur or Photobucket and post the link to it here.


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