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Intermittent Connectivity Issues Solved

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Intermittent Connectivity Issues Solved

Hello, I just wanted to leave a note for anyone having issues with intermittent connectivity. For a couple of months, I was having to reset my modem multiple times per day because of connection loss. It was stressful, given that I am now having to work from home full-time. I was worried about there being a problem with the line or the modem. A technician came to check it out, found nothing wrong, but did say that he gave me "more power." I have not had to reset my modem ONCE since this visit a couple weeks ago.


Before the visit, my upstream power levels ranged from 45-47. Now, they are over 48. It seems like this is what the tech fixed, and what has solved the problem. Just wanted to share that for anyone else having issues, as I struggled with bad connectivity for months.


For anyone with an Arris modem, you can go to this site to see how to check your upstream levels. Hope this helps.