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Intermittent Connectivity Drops and High Packet Loss

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Intermittent Connectivity Drops and High Packet Loss

Could you please help me fix my upload connection?


For the last several months, I’ve been seeing intermittent loss of connectivity and packet loss on my WAN. I’ve replaced every aspect of my LAN and run days-long multi-target ping tests while hardwired into both the modem and my router to rule out any local issues. Have confirmed that my modem is experiencing errors, but all the levels look like they’re in spec.


I’ve tried upgrading to Gigabit (that didn’t work well with my DOCSIS3.0 modem), then downgrading from that to Extreme Pro on the off chance that something on my network was sending more than my share of upload bandwidth (though my logs indicate that I was never close to my upload limit). The absolute speed increased, but the packet drops and intermittent connectivity persist. It mostly happens on upload. Download traffic will be rock solid (I can still see and hear things from a video chat) but upload traffic degrades to nothing (others on the call can no longer see or hear me). Less frequently, download too will drop completely.


I replaced my Aris cable modem with a brand new Motorola MB7621. The issue persisted. I replaced my entire LAN (a beefy Netgear router) with a much heavier duty Ubiquiti Router, Switch and AP just to make sure it wasn’t something on my end. The LAN is rock solid while the WAN connectivity issue is happening.


I’ve so far scheduled 2 visits from Xfinity techs who never showed up. Kinda going crazy over here. My connection is basically useless for video calls which I do all day long for work.


I’ve uploaded my Connection Details (including signal levels) and Modem Event Log to a publicly accessible server. I’ve also uploaded a screenshot of about 12 hours worth of ping test against a personal, low-traffic VPS that show the degree of degradation (red bars on the lower graph represent pings that didn’t respond within 5 seconds). Happy to post here if that’s easier.


Help 😞