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Insane High Ping Issue

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Insane High Ping Issue

I would like to start off by saying that I'm paying for 200mbps download speed and currently get 10-30mbps download speed while having a wired connection to my desktop. For the longest time, I have suffered from high ping issues and have tried every diagnostic out there. I have a wired connection and ping google at 300+ ms every ping.  Sometimes my ping stays within the '30s but all of a sudden jumps at random times throughout the day and night.  Even with no connections to the wifi, the ping remains extremely high. I'm starting to think it's a wiring problem and that maybe something is causing the ping spikes. Internet works fine on phones and other devices, just strictly stays high on my desktop and is frustrating. I also have extreme packet loss while this occurs, suddenly when my ping stays fine for an hour my packet loss does too. During this ping spike, I get over 60% packet loss as well. Any help?


Re: Insane High Ping Issue

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