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Impact of adding X1 4k DVRs to existing MOCA network

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Impact of adding X1 4k DVRs to existing MOCA network

First off, as a matter of background, I have no Comcast-owned equipment (yet).   I own my cable modem and my router.  Also, I live in an apartment, so stringing up new Cat6 cables is out of the question. I  have a moca filter outside the apartment on a 2-way splitter that  sends a drop to the two bedrooms in the apartment.  In one bedroom I have my cable modem/router and using GoCoax MOCA 2.5 adapters I am able to connect the other bedroom via the coax and have wired ethernet on that side of the apartment as well (due to my work, I need to have a wired connection...WIFI won't cut it).    This set up has worked fantastically using TiVO with CableCard as my main way watching/recording TV.  One main TiVO box in one room, and a TiVO Mini (basically an extender) in the other room, communicating over the MOCA network.  

But alas, my TiVO has finally given up the ghost, and I am forced to replace it with a pair of Xg1v4 DVRs.   (which will be the first Comcast owned equipment in this house).  My concern is what  impact (if any) will plugging these boxes in cause to my existing MOCA network.  I understand that these boxes have built in MOCA but I'm not sure if it's MOCA 1.1, 2.0, or 2.5.   Not sure if they will conflict with my existing GoCoax adapters.

Anyone have any clue?  Any network/tech saavy folks at Comcast (do they exist?) that can provide me with specific technical details on how these boxes support MOCA? Any info would be appreciated.