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How to get higher upstream speeds (need about 60Mbps)

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How to get higher upstream speeds (need about 60Mbps)

For remote access we need to be able to push out something around 60Mbps (on a single TCP/IP connection). I know that the gigabit pro 2G service would work perfectly, but while the online pages show that to be available at the location, when we tried to see about getting it they said they couldn't do it. (That is a different story how hard it was to get anyone to understand they Comcast even had such a service).

It seems we can get multiple gigabit lines in. 

We actually don't need the download speeds that offers - if we could get 100/60 it would work fine.

Is there any way to get things provisioned for higher upstream speeds?

Alternatively, does anyone have recommendations about bonding mutiple gigabit lines?

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Re: How to get higher upstream speeds (need about 60Mbps)

That service you noted is the only way to increase upload speeds. Gigabit is the max at 35

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