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How to Change NAT Type F to Something Useable?

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How to Change NAT Type F to Something Useable?



I am trying to play a game on my Nintendo Switch Lite online, but I keep getting Error Code 2618-0201 (a communication error) every time I attempt to connect online despite being able to see which of my friends are online, visit the EShop, and having a working WiFi connection.


By following Nintendo's own Customer Support steps (, I have determined the NAT to be the most likely issue as the situation has not resolved at ANY step in the process through multiple attempts on different days. My modem-router will not recognize the Switch as anything other than an "unknown device", either, and setting up a static DHCP has not appeared to do anything to resolve this. The Switch is in the same room as the modem-router and the modem-router is an updated model, new, and unobstructed by anything that could interfere with the signal.


This has become extremely frustrating as I am paying both for decent WiFi from Comcast and for Nintendo Online.


How do you change NAT types (A or B is recommended as the best setting for Switches according to my research)? Does anyone else have this same issue?

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Re: How to Change NAT Type F to Something Useable?

First off, I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue and secondly, I'm sorry to hear you have Comcast.

Found this on their website and thought it might be useful for you.

Good luck!

Re: How to Change NAT Type F to Something Useable?

OP has not returned. 8 month old dead thread now being closed.

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