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How can I get xfinity to understand my problem

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How can I get xfinity to understand my problem

So, essentially, here is a transcript of my conversation with Arris about why my internet is not working. 


I sent this transcript to an xfinity agent and they seemed to not really understand either english or this paragraph very well.  This seems pretty explanatory... But I am thinking maybe I need to go into a brick and mortor store talk to a person and put them on a conference call with Arris. Or just call xfinity and put them on a conference call at home? I'm not sure that would be any better a solution if the people at xfinity who are supposed to help with issues are not versed on how to fix these problems.



"Thank you. The Upstream power levels are good, But the issue is with the downstream power and SNR, They are not within the recommended range. First, the SNR should be above 33 on all of them. The downstream power should always be between -15 and +15. The closer to 0 the better connection. Finally, your upstream power should always be between +45 and +51. By having the values in less than that, your device will have interrupted connection, slow or no connection at all. 5:04:56 PM Let me explain the importance of the signal levels, imagine that your SBG6950AC2 is a cell phone. And If you are on a phone call, all your bars must on full to get a clear communication, however when your bars are below target your communication will be poor. In your case, your coaxial cable is sending poor signal, and is affecting the device itself to communicate properly, we would recommend that you contact your service provider to make the appropriate adjustments to those levels for you. If they advise that the levels they are sending are within those ranges, this would indicate a possible issue with a faulty cable splitter or a coaxial cable line in your area in need of maintenance."

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Re: How can I get xfinity to understand my problem

The only way you're going to get any help with this out of xfinity is if you schedule a service tech to come out.  If the problem turns out to be theirs then you should make out ok, but youre going to pay if they think the issue is your 3rd party modem.


What I would do: go buy another modem from another mfr(netgear) and see if the issue persists.  If it persists and you know you have good cable with no splitters inside your house then have a tech come out.

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Re: How can I get xfinity to understand my problem

Hello gtfisher, thank you for reaching out to us here with this concern and for providing such great details. It sounds like there could be a faulty splitter in the equation somewhere but to be sure I'd like to check the signals coming from the plant near by first. We can check everything starting from the plant and work our way down stream to your home, to ensure we're thorough and we get this resolved once and for all. To get the ball rolling on this could you please send me a private message with your full name and street address by clicking on my name (ComcastAmir) and then click "Send a message"?

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