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Does anyone know how to connect to a hotspot via iPhone?

I have followed the instructions on the help pages and the FAQ and I have talked to several agents and a tech but no one has been able to identify the problem...

Normally, I would select Xfinity wifi from the WiFi connect menu, and I would be routed to a market page that sells hotspot passes. For some reason, I am no longer being routed there. My phone shows it is connected to Xfinity WiFi, but I cannot use the service.

I have tried using my browser to connect as indicated in the help pages, no luck. I have cleared my cache and cookies, I have rebooted the phone, I have forgotten the network in my phone settings but nothing works. When I contact Xfinity they redirect me to other departments which redirect me back to the original department, no help at all!

I am perplexed because it just stopped working one day. My account is paid and I am in good standing, I have the internet essentials package which gives me 40 hour long passes per 30 days. I have not used 40 passes so that is not the issue. I also have no problem connecting to my home gateway, it’s only the hotspots that give me problems.

The troubling thing is that Xfinity can’t identify the problem and therefore is of no help! Maybe someone here can help?

Re: Hotspots

Try calling the WiFi On Demand team. Perhaps they can assist you;



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