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Horrible Customer Service

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Horrible Customer Service

We live in Seattle and have had problems continuously with our Internet and the pattern of cables that run over our flat roof etc.  Now that the new normal is working from home I'm using gotmeetings regularly and gotomeeting's jive phone system.  My call quality is horrible and I continuously see my web access to phones disconnect and connect.   Jive has done everything they can think of.  Our modem use to be in the office however then the rest of the house suffered.


I have a Netgear mesh so the signal is pretty strong.  I called today to get some advice.  I've ordered some cat 7 cable and a longer coax cable, I've even thought of a new splitter with boost in it.  I also have other tplink extenders in different places around the house.  At this point don't know who to turn to, but I need better call quality and more reliable bandwidth for video conferencing.  


Xfinity is very frustrating as you ask for an internet expert and instead you just get someone who is reading of a script.