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Help setting up MoCA adapter

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Help setting up MoCA adapter

Hey everyone,

Going to try and make this as easily explained as possible:

- Gateway (xb3 Cisco) is upstairs and needs to stay there.
- WiFi in downstairs living room is spotty and can’t support XBox play consistently (tried extender, quickly learned they’re junk)

So now I’m at trying to setup MoCA because running hardwire Ethernet to this location would be a nightmare. Bought 1 Motorola MM1000:

- Coax directly into MM1000
- Coax back into x1 cable box
- Cat6 from MM1000 to XBox

Works for approximately 10 minutes at acceptable speeds gaming, then just drops connection. I’m guessing once a good amount of data is being transferred, the x1 cable box and MoCA adapter are arguing for space.

Other info:
- PoE filter installed outside at drop
- SNR numbers are very good at the gateway and x1 box signal is good
- Splitters around the house are 5mhz-1002mhz

I’ve ordered some 5mhz-2500ghz splitters to replace the current ones but I’m not entirely convinced that’s the issue.

Other ideas:
- Maybe a splitter in the living room, one side running to x1 box, other side running to MoCA adapter so it isn’t directly running through the x1 cable box?

- xb3 gateway set as MoCA on, “not preferred network controller” and I can’t change that... is there a way and if there is, will it affect the x1 cable box since I believe that IS the preferred controller currently?

I’m going crazy trying to figure this out and GREATLY appreciate any thoughts/insight this community may have!!!