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Having HUGE connection issues -

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Having HUGE connection issues -

@ComcastAmira , I see you've helped others with similar problems - would you be able to help? I can't seem to find a way to DM you here either... 


We are having nightly and daily instances where internet goes out completely. Sometimes it restores after a long period (hours) on its own, but most of the time we have to manually reset it. Even resestting it - power cycling, doing what we can with the router doesn't always fix the issue. Such was the case from approx 12:30 am - 8:30 am 6/23/2020 when we had to reboot the router. It worked for a few minutes, now the wifi network isn't even showing as an option. On 7.3 from 2am to 8am+ internet was down and we were having issues connecting. This is an ongoing issue - literally for years now.  We've had service tech Jerry out here multiple times to no avail (he knows the history of our plcae as well- ). We've upped our gig package, we've received new equipment, we've called multiple times, and the issues are still persisting. 

Looking for somoene to do a trace and monitoring of our system and to escalate to someone who can actually help us. It's ridiculous how much we pay for "sometimes" internet. @ComcastAmira - I feel like you might be our last chance. Please help!