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Have to keep disconnecting/reconnecting to router...

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Have to keep disconnecting/reconnecting to router...

Over the last month or so, seems to be getting worse over the last week, my internet will randomly stop working. Everything will be fine and suddenly a page won't load or a video stops. The internet icon on my computer will show it's connected, but when I refresh the web browser says there's no internet connection. When I open my wifi menu, it shows "connected, secured" and has full reception bars. I disconnect from the router, reconnect, everything re-loads and it's fine again. Sometimes it's fine for the rest of the night, some days (like today) I have to do this every 5-10 minutes. I thought it was maybe just my computer, so I connected to my router with my phone. After a couple minutes, it pops a message saying "No internet connection" and automatically reconnects to the xfinitywifi hotspot nearby. Unplugging/resetting router doesn't help. Restarting computer doesn't help. Anybody have any ideas?


Re: Have to keep disconnecting/reconnecting to router...

For a test, does a computer hardwired directly to the router / gateway device with an ethernet cable have the same problem ?

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