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Gigabit service cut in half

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Gigabit service cut in half

Ive been having this issue for over a month now. My gigabit service speed is being cut in half when connecting through a router. Hardwired to the modem is fine I get roughly 950/40.


Issue 1: Half gigabit Speed


- I've tried replacing my router with a negear xr700 previously a Linksys EA9500. I replaced all network cables with new Cat6 cables.  I've turned off all wireless radios and disconnected all hardwired devices leaving only one exclusive hardwired computer. I've also tried 2 different computers on that connection. 


- I've replaced my modem with a Motorola MB8600 Docsis 3.1  previously a Netgear CM1000 Docsis 3.1


- I've ran through mounds of tests with Netgear here:


Issue 2: High uploade ping spikes


- I'm also getting crazy ping spikes during loaded upload tests. Posted here but got no response:


- Ping spikes started occuring a little over a month ago as well. Same results with Router/Modem/Cables being replaced. Same result connecting directly to the modem.


- Obviously not crucial but lag spikes make online games pretty bad which shows theres something going on. Again this was fine before it all started around a month ago.


I don't know where to go from here. Is there any sort reprovisioning required when connecting routers? I figure support stops at the modem but with this issue I see no point in paying for gigabit service. I'm in the Sacramento area.