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Gigabit Issues High Noise

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Gigabit Issues High Noise

Between 5-6 pm every day I lose internet. I have Gigabit Plan, Arris SB8200, no tv, rural community, last customer on the end of the cable run, telephone pole with amplifier and 4-way splitter on the back of the Xfinity service line. New coax line from pole to house in 1-1/2" PVC conduit with outdoor rated quad shield, 150' run to the house. Demarc on home connected directly to router in office (nothing else). All-new "CommScope" connectors. 32 Channels on downstream 7.4dbmv lowest/9dbmv highest, SNR during day 29 to 31 highest. Upstream voltage 46-48 (5 channels). 21dbmv (downstream) at the bottom of the service telephone pole at 29-30 SNR, 1 -four-way splitter and 1- two-way splitter installed to bring the voltage down 8-9dbmv. Voltage and SNR are identical at the telephone pole, Demarc at the outside house, and at router inside house (when using splitters) without splitting voltage above 21. Test done by physically moving router and PC to each location to test. SNR is always the same at each test location (below 32). Around 5-6 pm, SNR drops to below 28 (no connection at this point), around 8-9 am, SNR rises to 31, and I get 10-20Mbps service. Around noon I sometimes get up to 100-500Mbps. All tests ran on Intel i9 Dell Latitude Rugged 5424 connected directly to the router.
Issues began 2-3 weeks ago
Speed Tests are done on Google Fiber Speed Test Site. Before issues, speeds were consistent 930-960Mbps. I consistently average over 1TB usage per month.
Did I miss anything? The last tech was here on Jan 17. Connectors were replaced and issue was not fixed.  Another tech is coming today.
Please help!

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Re: Gigabit Issues High Noise

Make sure the tech gets it to maintenance and get the ticket number to ensure it was referred up

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