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Frequent Internet drops

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Frequent Internet drops

We are experiencing frequent internet drops the last few months at least, I believe it started when we "upgraded" to the Arris TG3482G. We get frozen or disconnected from zoom calls (school/work), wifi calls and when gaming (Xbox, pc, switch, iPad) regardless of if we are on wifi or directly on the internet. The issue seems to be getting worse, I was disconnected 4 rounds in a row tonight on fortnite and our tv streaming kept se2rhcing for signal. The issues only last for a minute but having to reconnect to business calls 2-3 times in one hour is unacceptable. Please help, I am pretty tech savvy so happy to run any type of diagnostics if someone points me in the right direction. I also want to mention I didn't have this problem with out previous router from Xfinity. 
also, I have big issues when when live sports, especially pro football, the signal would get all scrambled and sometimes would fix itself or else I would have to turn off/on the set top box. 



Re: Frequent Internet drops

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