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Extremely slow upload speeds

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Extremely slow upload speeds

I'm currently experiencing issues with my service where my upload and sometimes download speeds slow down considerably or drop all together. I did some research and I believe my problems are similiar to this customer.


I'm in the same situation where I work from home and am unable to video conference, call or screen share. My issue only seems to appear during business hours Monday-Friday, all other times my service works great and I have no problems. Infact I can pretty much count on services returning at 6pm. 


I've had technicians out a few times now and they have been unable to assist me. My desktop is hard wired and the modem/wiring at my residence is the same I've used as my last two. 


The log from my modem appears to pickup when the server drops/slows. 




Edit: Not sure why but my attached photos aren't displaying. You can also view them from this link.