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Extra AP kills connection

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Extra AP kills connection

Okay, I'm not new to networking and have done my fair share of troubleshooting this issue before ending up here. I've got Xfinity xfi gigabit connection. My current setup is Xfinity modem/router combo &gt;&gt; switch &gt;&gt; router as AP, with more switches and Ethernet connections downstream. Everything hardwired works fine, WiFi is fine on most devices but not my Google pixel 3 xl. Also, I have 2 ssid's, one on the Comcast router and one on the tplink router. When I connect to the tplink ssid, all seems fine if I'm within range which is basically half my rancher. When I connect to Comcast ssid, my phone acts funny. I've kept the family happy by keeping them on the tplink ssid and selfishly have the Comcast all to myself/office. Okay my phone is the problem right? Well, when I unplug the Ethernet from Comcast to everything else downstream, my phone is great and Comcast is fine. The second I reconnect the other half of the network, my phone wifi (appears connected according to speedtest and wifi symbol) cannot access any apps. I can't make sense of this. I tried to expand my network with a 2nd router configured as an ap, yes DHCP is off, and it's causing me major headaches. <br><br>Again my setup is:<br>Comcast modem/router (SSID) &gt;<br>Cisco switch &gt;<br>TpLink Archer c7 configured as AP (SSID2)<br><br>Troubleshooting I've done:<br>Put Tp link before switch and after<br>Forgotten networks on my phone<br>Reset all network connections from phone<br>Factory reset Comcast router<br><br>Summary:<br>Network hardwired in is great<br>SSID2 seems to be fine for the entire house<br>SSID1 works fine when nothing is added to network<br>SSID1 works okay from my iPad<br>SSID1 does not work on my phone despite speedtest showing close to gigabit speed and transmit speed showing the same on phone Nic<br><br>Please help, while I still have hair left, thanks!<br>
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Re: Extra AP kills connection

I am no networking master by any means, but it sounds like your 2 modem/router wifi signals may be competing with each other based on the information you shared. I would disable the Comcast wifi completely and see if that resolves the issue. I just am not sure if you can use different wifi signals using similar bands.